What does holistic life coach do?
Holistic coach provides information, techniques and support for a wanted transformation… As an old Chinese proverb states: “Teachers open the door, you enter by yourself…”

Welcome to Dlight coaching – home for holistic guidance toward healthy lifestyle.

What is Dlight coaching? 

Dlight coaching provides information and tools that help you to achieve the desired health.

For personal transformation, we spent time together cooking delicious and easy recipes, learning shopping tricks and checking your food, cosmetic and cleaning cabinets.

Transformation is only possible when all the aspects of life are addressed. Thus, Dlight coaching is holistic and includes body, mind and spirit in your healing journey.

Dlight also offers various group workshops. For more information, please visit workshop page.

delicious health

delicious health

For whom is it?

Holistic Life Coaching is for people who aim for transformation of their physical and mental balance in a holistic way.

Dlight coaching will guide you in your personal healing journey. If you struggle with physical ailments like; fertility, weight issues, migraine, digestion or want to transform destructive habits into inspirational new way of life, please contact Dlight coaching for your first meeting session for free!

Dlight coaching also gives guidance  on how to choose healthy foods, safe herbs and supplements for your children! 

What are the language possibilities?

Ik spreek Nederlands


Galima ir Lietuviškai

A можно и по Pуски

Please contact Diana at:  info@dlightcoaching.org